Corkcicle Air Wine Chiller

The all-in-one solution for perfect wine - Corkcicle Air! A pourer, aerator, and chiller in one, this innovation design allows you to serve your favorite wines at their ideal temperature without diluting the flavor. 
Freeze your Corkcicle Air for at least 90 minutes. Pour a half-glass of wine to make room for your Corkcicle Air, then insert Corkcicle Air into the bottle to cool room-temp reds in 15 minutes or keep whites chilled for an hour. To refill glasses, simply pour - Corckcicle Air's pour-through feature makes serving a breeze. 

- 12" height x 1" diameter
- Made from BPA-free plastic, cork, and non-toxic freeze gel
- Hand wash and store in freezer between uses
- Imported

Style # 5064