Behind Our Brands. JAS. Evolution of Beauty.


Tell us about JAS Beauty. How did JAS Beauty come to be?

JAS is a bath and beauty skincare business whose aim is to inspire others to make healthy choices, pursue their dreams, and look good doing it. Almost 3 years ago the JAS sisters Jalila, Aziza, and Sa'ra went to a store for bath products with natural ingredients, or at least ingredients they could pronounce, and they couldn't find any. So, Jalila got the idea to start making products and the rest is history!

JAS Beauty Products.

What products do you sell and what are their benefits?

Our handcrafted products are made with love and sure to give an unforgettable experience. All of our products are plant based and produced in small batches to ensure consistent quality. We have 5 products in our line: Body Buttercream which is used to replenish skin that is dry or in need of moisture. Body Polish exfoliates the skin and helps reveal smooth, youthful skin. Bath Soak is great for a foot soak or in a hot bath and helps you to relax.

How do you balance running a business and going to school?

Sometimes it's a lot of work to go to school all day and then have business responsibilities in the evenings. We do our best to stay organized to manage it all. Our parents do a good job in keeping us on task and giving us reminders on what we need to do.

What advice would you give to young people that are looking to start their own business?

The best advice we would give a young person looking to start a business is to just get started. Starting is always the hardest part. As your business grows it is ok to make changes. Make sure that you like what you are doing and even when it gets hard, to keep going because you know you can't meet your goals if you stop

Are there any new JAS Beauty products in the works that we should be looking out for?

We have two new products coming VERY SOON. Deodorant Paste is a natural deodorant that is baking soda free, which is used to help with sweat under your arms and can even be used in other sensitive areas that sweat. Lip Polish is a great way to smooth out dry lips and give them a needed boost of moisture. Plus, it's yummy!

Outside of school and running your business, how do you enjoy your free time?

Aziza: I am an artist and I spend a lot of my free time drawing, sketching, making flip book animations, and sometimes I design clothes. I love to read and sing and make videos. I'm working on my own channel where I'll share my drawings and a lot of my art.

Jalila: I love to cook and bake and so I decided to start a cooking channel. I make videos cooking and baking and preparing all kinds of meals and things. I'm even working on a line of seasonings!

Sa'ra: I love to play with my dolls in my doll house, blocks, cars, paint, kinetic sand and slime, and dress up! And I love bedtime stories so I'm doing a virtual storytime with my mom every week.