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Is there a boutique near me? +
Can I order by phone? +
Can I modify or change my order? +
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I can’t place an order? +
Do you restock sold out products? +
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Discounts & Promotions

My promo code is not working, what do I do? +
My discount isn’t working, what do I do? +
What promotions are you running right now? +


What kinds of shipping options do you offer? +
How do I get free shipping? +
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How do I track my order? +
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I think my package was lost or stolen, what do I do now? +
My package is missing an item, what do I do? +


What is your return policy? +
How do I return an item? +
What if I want to return an item I purchased with a gift card or e-gift card? +
Can I return my items to a boutique? +

Gift Cards

How do I purchase a gift card? +
How do I check the balance of my gift card or e-gift card? +
What do I do if my PIN has 8 digits? +


Do you have any job openings at your boutique or corporate office? +
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